Meditation Classes

P-Jhana Meditation is an on the cushion form of meditation that one can use to develop temporary states of higher awareness. The objects of p-jhana meditation are to first develop the ability to shift ones centers of awareness in order to reach a state of balance/calmness. At later stages one uses this ability to shift levels of to gain a higher level of self-awareness.

P-Insight Meditation is a form of off the cushion meditation where one enters a meditative state while operating in the 3D environment. It focuses on developing the ability of maintaining more than one center of awareness at the indirect or direct conscious level. Insight Meditation is offered by appointment or introductory levels are taught in Meditation Seminars.

Community Open Meditation This offering invites meditators to share space and take advantage of the positive force of like minded folks joining together for an un-guided practice. A guide will be present to offer suggestions and help. Classes available are offered by Donation.