Yoga Classes & Workshops

The Yoga Classes and Workshops teach yoga practices in three levels. New students will begin at an introductory level, learning yoga basics that focus on body awareness, increasing flexibility, strength, and endurance. Level two will instill yoga and meditation as tools for self-awareness and introduce students to the four paths of yoga. Level three is offered for advanced practitioners and suggests ways to integrate yoga practices into daily life or off the mat!

First Level:
Introductory Level to Yoga Workshops & Classes

Sadhana Yoga Basics (All Level Teens & Adults)
This is a level one class is designed to build a foundation toward mind-body awareness. Sadhana Yoga Basics will help each student understand the basic relationship between breath and movement with safe sequencing and modification for individual needs. This practice connects breath with a series of postures that will strengthen, increase flexibility and build endurance with focus on anatomy and alignment. Students new to yoga or those revisiting, will benefit from these classes.

Gentle & Restorative Yoga (All/Beginner Level Teens & Adults)
Keeping with the gentle approach this class is designed to support the relief of symptomatic pain for those with physical restrictions or ailments (great for the accumulative wear and tear). Sequences explored will aid in reducing stress in the body-mind and increase ease of movement range and mobility.

Basic Yoga & Yoga Nidra (All/Beginner Level Teens & Adults)
Peter opens his class with a centering exercise, then guides gentle yoga movements to warm the body and shed tension. The class concludes with a guided Yoga Nidra experience. Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation done lying motionless on your back on a mat. This subtle practice not only releases tension and anxiety, but also opens the heart and activates healing energies. Experience the benefits of Yoga Nidra by giving yourself greater concentration and awareness in your everyday life. Try it!

Rise Yoga (All Level Teens & Adults)
This gentle morning yoga class will use sequences that focus on lengthening and strengthening specific areas of the body. Each class explores postures that bring awareness to the muscular-skeletal anatomy, unique to every individual.  Rise yoga will help each student energize and awaken – with guidance on how to gently ease into ones day.

Kundalini Yoga (All Level Teens & Adults)
Kundalini Yoga is an ancient form of Yoga brought here from India by Yogi Bhajan in 1969.  It works on your nervous system and glandular system and can be done by anyone in any physical shape.  Each yoga session will involve a kriya, which is a series of exercises, relaxation and meditation.  Please bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a cushion to sit on if possible.  These things will help you feel more comfortable.  A water bottle is also good to have as Kundalini Yoga fires up your energy and you will get thirsty. Wear comfortable exercise or yoga clothes.  Sweats and a T are fine. Although Kundalini Yoga does not have a beginner’s form of Yoga, the specific Kriya’s chosen for this class will be tailored to those with no experience in Yoga. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  My telephone number is 401- 215-6328.  I look forward to talking with you.  Deb Brown (Ravijeet Kaur) “IT’S NOT THE LIFE THAT MATTERS-IT’S THE COURAGE YOU BRING TO IT.”-Yogi Bhajan

Chair Yoga (All/Beginner Level Teens & Adults)
This yoga and meditation class is designed for individuals dealing with injury, chronic pain or a physical limitation or those who just want to take things slow. The class will aid in releasing tension and encouraging freedom from mental and/or physical barriers. Empower yourself in Chair Yoga. Offered Wednesdays 11am – 12pm (excluding the first Wednesday of the month, in which Dancing with Parkinson’s will be offered).

Beginner Vinyasa Flow (All/Beginner Level Teens & Adults)
Beginner Vinyasa Flow introduces the basics of Vinyasa for those new to Yoga, or with no experience with Vinyasa. This class will acquaint students with the fundamental poses (asanas), focusing on breathing techniques (pranayama) and alignment principles that build a solid foundation, endurance and suppleness. All classes will be open and adapted as needed. We will explore sun salutations as a method of building heat and linking poses. Strength, alignment and stress reduction develop through appropriate modifications and practice. No prior yoga experience is required.

Kripalu Yoga (All/Beginner Level Teens & Adults)
Kripalu yoga is designed for all ages, body types and energy levels. Often described as “meditation in motion,” Kripalu yoga places a special emphasis using breath and movement to connect to the wisdom of your body. Class will begin with a centering meditation and pranayama followed by a mindful exploration of warm-ups and asanas, and ending with a restful savasana and closing centering. Throughout the class, students are invited to explore remaining present and listen to their own inner voice. 

Second Level:
Intermediate level for students to refine & broaden their understanding of yoga & goals for practice
(pre-requisit: first level yoga or by permission from instructor)

There are two types of level two workshops/classes that accommodate different goals; one focuses on the spiritual practice of bi-facation, the other focuses on increasing one’s direct physical awareness through more challenging postures.

Sadhana Yoga I
This practice focuses on yoga as a spiritual tool incorporating both asanas and concepts from the four traditional paths of yoga. Students will learn to develop a direct conscious awareness of the mind and the body to achieve a sense of calmness and ease within the emotional center. We will revisit asanas (postures) learned in Sadhana Yoga Basics and introduce more challenging postures. The practice encourages mindfulness as we explore bringing emotionally driven thoughts to the mind (in a detached way/objective state) in order to deal with them or put them aside with a more sharpened intellect (at least a bi-facated level of consciousness).

Sadhana Yoga Basics Level II
This practice focuses on learning asanas that are physically challenging for students to increase more direct conscious awareness toward the physical center.

Third Level:
Take your practice off the cushion
(pre-requisit: Sadhana Yoga I or permission from instructor)

Sadhana Practice
This practice is an advanced practice for students who wish to remove the cushion and incorporate yoga practices into their daily lives. Studio space is available for students to explore their own practice and work either independently or in collaboration. Sadhana Practice is an open studio practice with a guide/instructor present and available for suggestions. Sadhana Practice is offered by donation. Email us about using space for your practice!