Festival Schedule:

1pm- Festival begins – WELCOME & sign up for healing art service demos (first come first serve) & shop vendors
1:30pm Yoga for Anxiety with Minnie Chau (formal garden patio)
2:00pm FitYoga with Ashely Gallagher (formal Garden Patio)
2:30 pm Gratitude & Sound Meditation with Jessica Howard (in the yurt)
3pm – Kripalu Yoga & Meditation with Silvana Melo (formal garden patio)
3:15 pm Walking Meditation with Jessica Howard (meet under yurt)
3:30 pm Heart Flow Demo with Kimber-Lee Jacobsen (formal Garden Patio)
4:00 pm Moon Salute with Vanessa Mccoy (formal Garden Patio)
4:30 pm Chakra, Yoga, Meditation & Aromatherapy with Abbey Courchaine (formal Garden Patio) 
5:00 pm Yoga for Athletes with Krista Michelle (formal Garden Patio)
5:30 pm Yoga Dance with Vanessa McCoy (formal Garden Patio)
5:45 pm Meditation with Krista Michelle (in the yurt)
6:00 pm Closing Circle (formal garden patio)

Heartfelt thanks to the Squillante Family who make all this possible!

Healing Arts Services:

Reiki and Energy Healing with Silvana Melo (in the yurt)
By donation: suggested donation of $10 for 15 minutes or $20 for 30 minutes
~Sacred Spirit Space ~ Pete Walsh
((( Gong Chair ))) 
Come experience the “zero gravity Gong Chair”

I will play my Gongs ~ Crystal bowls & Tibetan bowls as you lay down and melt into the cosmic sounds that will vibrate you into a celestial world where you will float across the cosmos with Father Sky…I will play my Native American flute to gently call you back to Mother Earth and as you come back down to Earth you will feel expansively relaxed and grounded….. 5….10….. min rides- first come first serve  * Spirited Donations Encouraged * 25% GOTO –  POTEGP Spiritual Guidance Center 501(c)(3)

Festival Vendors:

Cupcakes by Kelly Brogan
Yoga & Nature Inspired Jewelry, Crystals & Aromatherapy by NamasteRabbit 
Aromatherapy Sprays & Gel Soaps by Thyme for Healing
Candles by LightHerWayCandles @lightherwaycandles
Handmade crafts by Minnie Chau & Catherine Defarias
Hydroponically grown and Pesticide Free produce (Lettuce, Basil, Tomato ready to go) by S&S’s Urban Acres
Yoga Jewelry by Turquoise Elephant

Heron Information Tent & Activity Center
Family Fun…scavenger hunt & butterfly catching challenge
make your own mindfulness jar (kid friendly activity $5 per participant)
cut your own lavender & chamomile ($3 a bundle/~50 stems)

Items for Raffle
Refreshments & snacks available