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Private Yoga lessons: 30min ($30) 45min ($45) & 60min($55) 
Book an Instructor for a Yoga Party! Great for the office, private event for kids and adults. We can design the class to your needs and goals. Spa like, Fun, Mix of Work and Relaxation, Educational…etc talk to us about your vision!

Massage by Ashley:

Massage by Vanessa:

Guidance Sessions   BOOK NOW
Individual POTEGP Path Analysis and Diagnosis ( by appointment): Are you a seeker, in need of balance or simply have questions? This meeting is educational and will offer aid in helping you on where to put you foot next!

I-Ching Readings: The basis of Philosophy of Taoism comes from this ancient book of wisdom. Readings are done for individuals or small groups who have reached a crossroad and are seeking advice and or guidance on the next step. 

Sound and Energy Healing Session with Silvana Melo
(by individual appointment: Sundays @ the Yurt Location in Westport)

A session will include a mix of reiki healing and sound healing to promote mental, spiritual and emotional balance. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique in which the practitioner channels energy in order to restore balance within the body. During a reiki session, the reiki energy flows from the hands of the practitioner to the client. The practitioner places their hands near or on the client’s body in  a series of hand positions. These include hand positions around the head and shoulders, heart, stomach, legs and feet. Other hand positions may be used based on the needs of the client.  All sessions include sound healing with singing bowls designed to bring balance to chakras in the body.

$30 for 30 minutes   |   $60 for 60 minutes

DANCE Classes   |   YOGA Classes
FITNESS Classes   |   MEDITATION Classes

What to Expect

• Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class start time, walk-ins welcome unless otherwise stated. Doors will be locked at time of class to ensure classes begin on time!
• Please bring mat, water, any additional props you may require (there are limited supplies at the studio – first come/first serve basis).
• Notify instructor of any injury and/or limitations.

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“I am in Love with the Heron! I think it an excellent space for one to go not only for a physical workout but also for an all around mind & body balancing practice. I have only taken part in the yoga classes the Heron has to offer and after three months of practice i have gained abundance in strength, especially in my legs, which i have always considered to be a weaker component of my body. I have strengthened my self-patience, while getting to know and listen to my body as well. Yoga at the Heron has also helped me focus on my natural breath, which alone when focused on helps me remain calm and also boosts my energy. I love the fact that students are encouraged to incorporate what they learn into their day-to-day activities. This has led me to view life’s scenarios from different angles as well as simply adding to good posture. (Another energy booster) All in all my experiences at the heron have helped attain a healthier mind state, gain physically strength and given me the tools to achieve and maintain a more positive mindset. And the meditation workshops have expanded my awareness leading me to a deeper understanding of self. I highly recommend it to anyone and though i cant think of anything I would like to change I do look forward to seeing what the Heron will have to offer in the future. I also have never been able to touch my toes and now i can. And lastly the atmosphere is Very welcoming and the staff is excellent, very professional and kind.” -E. Mateus

“Taking off in flight – Jessica will send you soaring with her great energy. She meets you where you’re at and then has you airborne within no time.” -L. Abbatomarco

“Yoga with Jessica is peaceful.” -K. Booth

“A great yoga studio honoring the traditions and philosolphies behind the practice. Love it!” -M. Gauvin

“Love this place. Very creative, in-tune people…. Very knowledgeable about the body and body health! I highly recommend a visit! As a bonus, they also have wonderful teas and candles for sale.” -K. Jacobsen

“As a 50+ participant, I can tell you I did the yoga certification program and it was a moving and positive experience all around. If you have any inclination to try it or learn more, this is a safe, competent and caring environment. Discover what it can do for you…” – K. Wiggins