POTEGP Membership

Our goal and the vision of Greg, the founder, in building the POTEGP Spiritual Guidance Center & Garden Retreat is to offer a space of refuge for members and the community to enjoy. The Center offers ongoing classes in meditation, yoga, dance and other holistic movement and exercise programs including classes geared toward people with M.S. and Parkinson’s Disease. We also provide active Guidance with the Abbess and community support through our monthly Sangha meeting (a community of people dedicated to encouraging and nourishing the spirit). Throughout the year, we aim to offer educational courses geared toward gardening, hydroponics, sustainable living, as well as arts & crafts.

Members are invited to enjoy the benefits and tranquility of the Center’s Garden Retreat in Westport, MA from Memorial Day through October. One may choose to observe the wildlife around the gardens, take in the beauty of the flora, or simply meditate while surrounded by nature.

POTEGP Membership Benefits:

  • Membership card; granting access to the Spiritual Center for personal use related to: meditation, study, self-exploration, reading, garden meandering, walking, spiritual practice, picnic, family activities, etc. (currently members must request visiting hours while Center is under construction)
  • Subscription to our newsletter & annual report, plus advanced invitations to special events
  • Reduced rates or in some cases free entry for most special events or programs, such as classes, tours, and lectures at the Center
  • 20% off classes at the Heron | up to 5 free classes a month (varies by type of membership)  http://www.theheronstudio.com/schedule/
  • Reduced rates on rentals: use of space for personal functions, events or parties
  • 20% discounts on Massage’s by Ashley  http://ashleylyngallagher.wix.com/yoga#!prices/c2xs
  • Free t-shirt
  • 10% discount on Gift Store

Members ensure that the POTEGP Spiritual Guidance Center can be self-sustaining and remain part of the community. POTEGP membership includes active Guidance with the Abbess and Community support through Sangha meetings (gatherings of like-minded individuals).

In Addition benefits of being a member include use of the space for the purpose of silent reading/study, meditation, practice and self-inquiry/exploration.  Please Note: At this time members must request permission when they wish to use the space.

We offer three levels of membership:
$30/month: 20% discount on workshops and ongoing classes
$45/month: 20% discount on workshops and ongoing classes, plus 3 free Heron classes each month.
$60/month: 20% discount on workshops and ongoing classes, plus 5 free Heron classes each month.

Consider joining the community of people who want to ensure POTEGPs future. Becoming a member is a powerful tool for supporting our vision – it helps ensure that our offerings & guidance will be available and practiced here for generations to come. By joining the membership community monthly membership fees will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

POTEGP Membership Subscription

We are a Charitable Non-Profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing a community of trained guides & holistic practices that are sustainable for a lifetime!
Please talk to us about financial concerns.