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We are a Non-Profit Charitable Organization devoted to Spiritual Guidance & Public Service our Tax ID is 47-6572625

We offer quality holistic services for all stages of life and levels of experience with highly trained and experienced guides! It is our goal to keep rates affordable creating sustainable life practices for all. You can Donate to our General fund which directly supports our budget for supplies, utilities and maintenance and other expenses generated month to month.


Community Programs:

Our Community Programs are offered free of charge to the public; Chair Yoga, Dance for People with Autism, Community Open Meditation, & Dancing with Parkinson’s. Visit our Community Programs Page for more information about our these services. Donate to these programs and your support will go towards supplies and an instructor stipend.

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Scholarship Program:

Each year we offer a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course that prepares students on ethical practices and instruction as well as a means towards holistic living and liberation from stress. Donate to our Scholarship fund to ensure those with financial hardship can participate in our program!

Program Cost & Benefits: $3200 which includes 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training & Certification, Graduation Retreat Weekend in the White Mountains of NH, Additional classes at the studio for more learning opportunities & experience while program is in session, Lifetime invitation to retake the 200hr course (free of charge) after completion of graduation and with good standing.

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Community & Nature-Based Projects:

Permaculture Gardening | Community Gardens, Orchards & Livestock: Total Budget $12,000

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Education – Sustainability – Mindfulness & Community

Vision: The goal is to collaboratively create a productive, beautiful, and functional garden that will enable the residents, guests, and visitors of the Center to enjoy an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.  Educational events will be scheduled during the project to teach volunteers, and community members about garden establishment throughout the process. The garden will serve as a valuable educational tool within the larger farm for years to come.

• Deer fence 1000ft (7’hx200’w x 5 metal fence kit with posts)  -$5500
• Lumber & Hardware for gazebo – $2500
• Soil Health: Compost, Loam, Mineral amendments, & Mulch -$2500
• Seeds and Plants -$500
• Garden Tools/Equipment -$500
• Towable Chicken coop/house -$500

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Community Work Projects

These projects will be built with volunteer labor in partnership with local groups; Diman Regional Vocational-Technical School, Habitat for Humanities (Umass Dartmouth), & Boys & Girls Scout troops. Our goal with these building projects is to create educational hands on experience and while helping individuals connect to nature.

Lean-to Building: $1550 per unit

This is a simple structure with basic accommodations, free from electricity, heating and plumbing. A solar vent will remove excess heat and moisture and a sleeping platform will be provided. The designs incorporates a wall of windows for observing nature. Our hopes with this structure is to invite garden guest to retreat & spend the night with nature, meditate within its secure walls and discover peace in simplicity.
• Solar vent $340
• Lumbar cost $500
• Metal roofing $200
• Door $100
• Window wall $400

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Woodland Paths & Community Gardens

The center is devoted to preserving & enhancing the 22 acres of land for the purpose of horticulture, agriculture and community gardens, so one can learn about the bountiful gifts nature has to offer. A good portion is within the woodland of tall oaks, green holly’s, whimsical princess pines and much more. There is plenty to discover in the woods both in observing nature and in bringing awareness to oneself. Help us build paths, create bridges for easy walking, benches for rest and reflection and signs for guiding the way.

Each year our garden’s require love and tending to. In addition we are expanding our gardens every year, adding new trees and plants so visitors can enjoy the abundance of wildlife and quiet tranquility.

Please help support our gardens by donating today!

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You can support POTEGP when you Shop Amazon! Go to and select the Philosophy of The Eight Guided Paths as your Charity! Just remember to save in your browser so when you shop Amazon will contribute part of the sales to POTEGP!

Many Hands make Light Work…Become a Volunteer. Volunteers can help out during events, flyer for us or work in our community gardens!
Call Jessica 774-264-0786 if you’d like to help!


Past Projects Complete

Compost Toilet & Shed unit: In 2017 we built 2 units with help from the students of Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School, and volunteers from Umass Dartmouth Habitat for Humanities.

This combination unit will give garden guest a clean and eco-friendly toilet, a shed for storage and a covered platform for information & maps.

We are grateful for our Community Partners, Sponsors & Donors

Educational Center for Horticulture, Agriculture & The Human Spirit

Established in 2012, The P.O.T.E.G.P. Spiritual Guidance Center helps seekers develop practical tools to connect to oneself and the world. Our mission is to cultivate balance amongst nature, community and individuals. We offer an interdisciplinary wellness and retreat space for all ages to explore their innate creativity and reconnect with their authentic selves.  Within our gardens and in our programming initiatives, we hope to engage people in holistic living through a variety of educational programs including wellness services & creative arts programs and nature based experiences. Our space is for you to explore, play and experience the joy of being.

What the Center is and what it offers to the community could not be possible without the support from Greg Squillante, the founder, who opened our doors and the Squillante family who continue to hold that door open. At the center’s core is a mission of paying it forward. We continue to provide lessons, guidance and tools that in turn keep the cycle giving and gratitude going to all who enter.

“It only takes a moment to be loved an entire lifetime. I am grateful to all those who have come before to shine light on the way. I am honored to have met Greg who has blessed me with his grace and wisdom – and taught me the key to wielding the philosopher’s stone – the gifts that truly keep giving – creating everyday magic within the mundane – I am blessed with gratitude for the Squillante family whom support the center and continue the ripples of love and kindness.” – J