Fitness Classes

Tight & Tone ( All Level – Teens & Adults)
This is a workout class for everyone! No need for a gym, weights or even your sneakers. Using isometrics (exercises using your own opposing body pressure) and cardio exercises you get a complete body workout. By using your own body pressure you can control the intensity of your workout, also the style of exercise is great for people with joint problems because there is no pressure being put on one specific joint at a time. This class gets the results you want with half the amount of work! (privates and small groups available by appointment). Sessions run 30-45 minutes.

Barre (All Level – Teens & Adults)
This is a conditioning class that uses core exercises and BASIC ballet technique. We Start on the floor to bring heat to our cores, spine, and legs in addition to hip openers. The class then moves through various barre workouts. A BIG benefit of this class is working the inner thigh muscles (which normally do not get used at all). ALL who participate will increase body awareness and musicality, build flexibility and strength (encouraging lean/toned muscles) while challenging the mind and body. DARE YOURSELF to TRY SOMETHING NEW This is an open level practice, no experience necessary!   NO SHOES REQUIRED – Socks or Bare feet.

Fitness Dance (All Level – Teens & Adults)
Experience a new and fun way to burn calories and boost stamina.
Fitness Dance uses low impact cardiovascular exercises that warm the body in preparation for learning and performing easy-to-follow dance combinations that fuses Jazz and Contemporary techniques. Fitness Dance encourages letting go, having fun and embraces confidence on the dance floor (wherever that may be)!