Community Nap and Healing Time

  • When: December 13, 2017 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Where: The Heron Studio | 187 Plymouth Avenue Fall River MA
  • Summary: $5 | Walk In's Welcome
  • Details:
    Skip the coffee and take a nap instead & do more for your mental, emotional and physical health!

    Add Healing Service to your nap for  $15 We will have a rotation of massage therapist, reiki practitioners available! Therapies are offered in a community setting, which mean everyone experiences the benefits of good vibes!

    Ideal Nap positions; Image: Top: Savasana, Bottom left & Right: ideal for pregnant woman, congestion, acid reflux, low back pain

    Stress FREE Napping. Just let us know how long you wish to nap, don’t worry about alarms, we will gently wake you up at the desired time.

    NAP Times & Benefits
    10-20 min: power naps: helps boost focus and productivity
    30 min: helps immune health and reverse effects of a bad night’s sleep (may leave one feeling sluggish)
    60 min: refresh and rejuvenate, great for remembering facts and improving alertness
    90 min: Full Cycle Sleep, REM deep slow wave sleep, going through cycles can reduce feeling sluggishness after; come out feeling refreshed while getting all the benefits mentioned above!
    Ready more about the benefits of Napping

    Space also available for Silent Study & Reading in the lounge

    187 Plymouth Ave, Fall River MA
    Durfee Mills Building 8, first floor 774-264-0786