Dance Classes & Workshops

The Dance Classes and Workshops offered give quality movement education for students with little to no experience to students who are working at a semi-professional/professional skill level. The open level classes will help each student develop greater body awareness through form (technique) and through no form in the improvisational oriented workshops. The intermediate and advanced movement classes emphasize technique and cultivating presence in mind, body, and emotions allowing students to achieve a performance level practice.

Barre (All Levels – Teens & Adults)
This is a conditioning class that uses core exercises and BASIC ballet technique. We Start on the floor to bring heat to our cores, spine, and legs in addition to hip openers. The class then moves through various barre workouts. A BIG benefit of this class is working the inner thigh muscles (which normally do not get used at all). ALL who participate will increase body awareness and musicality, build flexibility and strength (encouraging lean/toned muscles) while challenging the mind and body. DARE YOURSELF to TRY SOMETHING NEW This is an open level practice, no experience necessary!   NO SHOES REQUIRED – Socks or Bare feet.

Creative Movement (Youth Ages 6-10)
The program will teach yoga, dance and improvisational techniques. Creative Movement embraces individual expression and teaches many skills that include; mind-body, coordination, listening, confidence, and group collaboration (amongst others)!

Emotion InMotion (All Levels – Teens & Adults)
This workshop facilitates the exploration of emotions through movement, builds community, and (re)connects each person with their authentic (moving) self! Participants will be guided through movement exercises or improvisational problems that nurture awareness of space, time, and movement invention. Come to dance and develop your intuition using both structure and imagination.
Note: Please come free of preconceived ideas of what dance is or isn’t, how you should or shouldn’t move. Do come with an open mind and loose clothing that is appropriate for your movement range and what you wish to explore.

Fitness Dance (All Levels – Teens & Adults)
Experience a new and fun way to burn calories and boost stamina.
Fitness Dance uses low impact cardiovascular exercises that warm the body in preparation for learning and performing easy-to-follow dance combinations that fuses Jazz and Contemporary techniques. Fitness Dance encourages letting go, having fun and embraces confidence on the dance floor (wherever that may be)!

Post-Modern Contemporary Dance (Intermediate/Mixed Levels – Teens & Adults)
This modern dance based class embraces technique, improvisation and compensation skills. Participants learn to embody a state of presence and grace. We will focus on moving with efficiency while testing endurance and increasing stamina. This dance practice moves in and out of the floor, upside down to right side up, and from the inside out.
Note: This class is for experienced dancers at the semi-professional and professional levels, or for dancers with prior training, newbies are not excluded, but may find it challenging to keep up.

Dance Aerobics for Autism
(Community Program for All Levels – Teens & Adults with Autism)
This dance class is specifically designed for individuals with autism. Repetition and structured movement weaved in with creative exploration make this a fun and safe environment for participants to let loose and challenge their dancing feet. This is offered first Thursday of each month 4:30pm – 5:15pm. Lead by Cathy and assisted by Jessica

Dancing with Parkinson’s
(Geared toward people with Parkinson’s and M.S. & their Care Partners)

The program is a thoughtful and appropriate dance class that allows participants to cope with the physical, mental, and emotional effects of Parkinson’s in a supportive environment. Dance for PD offers a chance for instructors and participants to find joy within the community through movement and music.  Offered first Wednesday of each month 11am – 12pm (in replace of Chair Yoga). Lead by Jessica

Jessica received training and certification from the Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG) for Dance for PD. Dance for PD was developed by the MMDG and the Brooklyn Parkinson’s Group in 2001. Jessica is also certified through the National MS Society. (People with MS are eligible for reimbursements).