10 min Practice for Deep Relaxation, Discover more with membership & Upcoming happenings!

10 min Practice for Deep Relaxation, Discover more with membership & Upcoming happenings!

10 min practice for deep sleep & relaxation (Watch Video) *bonus you get to see the dynamics of my cats!

Watch the video then try it yourself! This is a 10 min practice you can do before bedtime to support a restful night! You can follow the instructions below:
1) in a comfortable position, Set an intention for your practice
2) Restorative Fish Pose: using a block, pillow or rolled up blanket; make sure hips are grounded, adjust the prop so as you recline there is not pinching or discomfort, adjust arms so you sense chest and shoulders opening. If you have neck injury, place a block or pillow underneath head to decrease the extension in the neck (make it work for you!!) *option to have legs extended or in bound cobblers. Take 5-6 deep breaths, with focus on a longer exhale. When exiting you can either support you head with hand or roll to one side.
3) Moon Salute ( 2 ways demonstrated in video) Take a couple slow deep breaths in each pose; First Waxing&Waning Set; Waxing phase; Come to standing. Bring palms together extending overhead, option to press hips forward and open heart, Next fold and bring hands to the mat, step left leg back for crescent lunge. Keep back heel lifted, engage inner thighs toward center, while squaring off hips and chest to front of mat, lift sternum and heart, remember to BREATHE! Next, shift all weight into front/right foot/leg start to peel open left body half into Half Moon (pause and breathe here). Next, lift yourself up and settle into Goddess pose (full moon), sense the abundance and radiance or you whole self. (play with your own variations) Waning phase; from goddess pose reverse order & body half... Half moon, Crescent Lunge, Standing arms raised overhead, end with palms at heart, pause in stillness (new moon), empty; set intention to clear away previous days experience. Repeat again if you like! Variations on Moon Salute as demonstrated in 2nd Waxing/Waning Set. Crescent Lunge, you can lower knee down to mat. Half Moon, you can try side angle instead by grounding the foot of extended back leg and opening up away from bent leg. 
4) Standing forward fold/Uttanasana: hinge at waist and fold torso over legs, align hips over ankles, breathe deeply and work on extending into fold. press equally into feet, send thighbones back and sitsbones high (if needed you can bend knees). hold 5-6 breaths
5) Come to seated position: take a gentle twist, Inhale and Exhale Right & Left sides
6) Supported Shoulderstand, hold for 10-15 breaths: use block or pillow to support your lower back/sacrum (adjust for personal comfort) keep head neutral, back of skull rested, shoulder blades hugging inward and shoulders pressing away from ears. with hips supported lift legs towards ceiling. You can stay here, or if full shoulder stand is in your practice, go for it! Again make it your own. Settle and relax. 
7) Reclined cobblers; bring feet back to mat/ground, open knees away from center while brining the soles of you feet together. Hold 5 long deep breaths. 
8) Comfortable seat, close with intention and gratitude

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